October 1, 2014
October 1, 2014

Spoiled Children

Spoiled Children There is a reason that people say a child is spoiled. When food is spoiled we do not eat it. It is no good.

Then why would any parent spoil their child? The parent wants the child to have what they did not have.

When parents give too much to a child and demand no effort from the child for the gifts: a number of negative consequences happen.
1. The child feels a sense of entitlement. That parents should give everything and demand nothing in return.
As an adult the child continues to believe that “the world owes them a living,” without any major effort on their part.

2. The child loses confidence in her/his ability to accomplish goals.
As an adult, the individual may be indolent. Never having had to try to achieve any goals often the resulting behavior is lack of motivation to succeed.

3. Low self esteem. Not feeling capable of handling life,. Schoolwork may suffer.
As an adult the person may feel depressed and incapable of handling life's problems.

4. The child has no sense of value. There is no bridge between cost of a product and obtaining the product. Therefore, the child takes poor care of his/her possessions or even damages them.
As an adult, the expensive gifts received are frequently irresponsibly handled.
The shock of taking care of themselves, can send them into despair, depression, suicide, or addictive behavior such as drinking or gambling.

5. Worse yet, the anger created by feeling all of the above makes a vindictive personality towards others.

If a child wants something. Make them do something to help obtain it. Such as: wash the dishes, clean up their room, dust, vacuum, etc.
As a teenager if the teen wishes to have a luxury such as a car or other expensive item. Tell them that you will match their savings with the same amount or even 200 % more. JUST DO NOT GIVE IT TO THEM OUTRIGHT.
Such a child will grow up knowing that s/he can take on the world, solve life’s problems and feel productive.