October 12, 2003
October 12, 2003


After climbing a steep and rocky terrain, I felt I could not go a step further. Then the tour guide announced that the main event was up about 30 to 50 stairs without a rail guard just ahead of us. I thought,ďI canít make it up those stairs. Forget it! Iíll just forgo looking at the memorial grounds of the well liked deceased ruler of Turkey. Whatís the big deal anyway?Ē Then it was announced that in five minutes the changing of the guards display would take place. Without a second thought I covered those steps in five seconds. When I got to the top, I began to laugh at my previous state of mind. I no longer felt tired. In fact I walked the mile or so of the grounds and the museums surrounding it and continued with the days further activities.

Motivation is the key to change. Many people come to me discouraged and in a negative frame of mind. They are not getting along with their loved one or the loved one is leaving them. If we can just find the switch in the brain through motivation by restructuring their concepts of what is happening, then often the situation can be reversed. Instead of believing that your mate will leave you: reverse it.

Remember the courtship times. What did you converse about? How did you anticipate what would be said or done? Did you prepare an outline of a dialogue to follow? Did you find activities in common where you laughed and were light hearted? Believing that it can be done is half of the battle.

Perhaps there is no mending the current relationship. Then if you must find a new love, work on yourself to be the best that you can be and maintain and apply that concept to this wonderful new life you are creating. Motivation is a potent catalyst in ones life. It can be applied to any situation. I was angry when I was diagnosed with diabetes, because I would have to exercise and totally change my eating habits. However, I looked at the flip side. Now I had a choice to live or die. I choose to live with a quality of living surpassing what I had previously experienced. My motivation for myself was to look and feel better. I lost seventy pounds and I have more energy than I had when I was thirty years younger than I am today.

Look at your perception. What do you want? Happiness? A Better education? Companionship?

Now that you have reviewed your goals; notice that your reaction to similar involvement's have modified into a more positive action. Your plans follow your goals and your goals follow your heart. Create your own motivation and notice how life brightens every day.