October 13, 2008
October 13, 2008

An Economy Dreams

In my dream a robber entered my home with a gun which he pointed at me and demanded my money. I began to laugh. I said, “ You are in the wrong end of the profession. Why would your risk going to jail or if you kill me risk the death penalty for such a minuscule amount of dollars that you will obtain from me? Why don’t you become a CEO where you can legally rip off the public for millions of dollars?”

With that comment I awoke feeling bemused. I had heard on the News the night before that one CEO had made eight million dollars and I believe that was just for one years work while the company went bankrupt.

I felt and still feel very concerned, since I am a Senior Citizen, that I will lose all the finances I have invested as in the last down turn I had lost about one quarter of my retirement. I was pleased that my subconscious had transferred this anxiety into comedy.

Yet, it seems that the government should create a law that the CEO’s get a percentage of the profits when the market is going up and a percentage of the losses deducted from their pay when the market goes down. With a stake in mind they would work more cautiously in everyone’s interest.