October 16, 2017
October 16, 2017

Our Primitive Brain

Our Brain is primitive and must be reprogrammed.

Any negative emotion immediately signals the brain that the organism (your body) is in danger.
Whether it is: frustration, unable to understand anything such as a new concept, new ideas, different ideas that are perplexing, feeling rejected or abandoned, feelings of failure when attempting to learn some new process, or life in some form is not living up to your expectations of what should be rather than what is.

All negative thoughts translate into anger activating the flight/flight behavior.
I think I just discovered why we have wars, why we kill people, why we become angry. When someone disagrees with us and does not think the same as us, the organism is frustrated and does not compute or relate to it so the brain reacts with frustration that instantaneously turns into rage or anger.

The emotional state not only activates the fight/flight syndromes but also deactivates the thought process. That is the reason why one cannot resolve a situation when in a heightened emotional state.

We then attack because anger is a signal that we are in danger. It activates the PRIMITIVE FIGHT/FLIGHT REACTION. However, some react by withdrawing which is the fleeing reaction

When an individual acts with rage; the reaction to that rage is often similar, which intensifies the rage on both sides. The attacker and the victim are now both attacking. By attack I do not necessarily mean physical attacks. Most personal attacks are sarcasm, put downs, screaming and so forth. These emotional outbursts can result in a physical confrontation, but, often do not accelerate to violence. However, they can and do accelerate on massive scales with countries into resulting war.

We need to update our brains. We can do that with thoughts. We could teach that in schools.

We need to teach ourselves that certain emotions should be stopped and then recreate the thought process assessing the realistic facts to establish that negative emotions will not do bodily harm to you. (However, if you permanently entertain the negative emotion, your bodies's immune system will begin to attack your own body..)

We need to be taught how to deal with different ideas, changes in life styles, learning new concepts, etc.

It is important to not eliminate all of the danger signals because there are times where we may still be attacked and need to have the hair trigger reaction of anger to save our lives.
We need to be taught the difference between a negative thought creating an emotional response from that which is an immediate peril.

This training would probably be the same as that which is utilized by the police force. Certainly policemen make mistakes with the trigger reaction from time to time, but in the majority of cases they are able to stop and determine the situation before acting and then only arrest an individual, not kill him/her.

When the Police are unable to prevent the trigger reaction to clearly determine the event; it is because a policeman feels he is in a precarious situation. He is fearful and the trigger reactions are immediate. In that case the belief system removes the pre-thought process and they react immediately and spontaneously without further consideration. Those would be the times when they kill an innocent person because certain actions such as not complying with the cops orders, or a belief that the person was the criminal due to other types of circumstances.