October 24, 2019
October 24, 2019

Sudden Behavioral Changes

Is your loved one suddenly beginning to speak or act in a manner that is unlike his/her previous behavior?

Has your spouse become paranoid about you/life/situations? Perhaps his/her words are hitting you as if they were shot from a machine gun? Is s/he having an affair or indulging in inappropriate sexual actions? Perhaps, eating too much or not enough: sleeping too much or not enough. Becoming extremely irritable over minor events?

Any of these differences or others not listed here may be caused by the brain malfunctioning. Unfortunately the brain does not feel pain, but instead illustrates its dysfunction by unusual actions.

The brain may be invaded by a tumor. The arteries may be plugged: so that not enough blood can reach the brain and in turn can lead to a brain aneurism. Brain dysfunctions can also be caused by past or present blows to the head.

Researchers alert us to anyone who takes multiple prescriptions and even over the counter medications may cause a chemical imbalance that may affect the Brain.

And of course, street drugs as well as a prescribed drugs can cause problems. Check with your doctor if you are having an adverse reaction to your medication. Even if you have been taking the medicine before without a reaction, your body may be rejecting it now. Always read the possible adverse symptoms so if you develop them, you are alert to visiting your doctor for a new prescription.

Be alert to the fact that any illness and especially those which cause inflammation can create somatic changes that could unfavorably affect your relationship.

Whatever the causes, when behavior suddenly morphs into bizarre or unusual actions one should check out the reason with a psychiatrist, or/and SPECT SCANS and a general physical checkup.