October 5, 2008
October 5, 2008

Computer and Men

I suspect that computers, especially the first developed were especially difficult for women to comprehend. I know some thirty years ago how frustrated I was when I tried to accomplish a secondary duty only to find that it was not part of the objectives within that program. A large portion of men think in the way that computers are created. As my son says, “Well men designed them.”

A Broadway show “DEFENDING THE CAVE MAN” written and produced and acted by Rob Beckmen also made international acclaim by humorously illustrating the focus of the spear to the prey ( in our day the prey is likely to be TV) and don’t get in the way! In other words that the majority of men focus on one objective and often become irritated when interrupted by the females’ attention to seemingly unrelated details. Beckmen, a comedian raked in the money with his show detailing the differences between the female and the male mind.

Men, often feel that a women is disregarding or disagreeing with their comments or contributions since women will entertain and discuss extraneous details that the males consider negative in nature when in truth the female is agreeing, but adding “lace” to the objective.

The 1995 U.S. News and World magazine reported that Yale brain scientists Bennett and Sally Shaywitz observed brain activity of both genders and unequivocally discovered that each gender processed information in different sectors of the brain. “The women’s mental activity is more spread out though the brain.” They concluded that that the evolution from hunters and gatherers demanded dissimilar tasks which hard wired the brain for survival. Still, today that rewiring exists which causes conflicts among close male female relationships.

It is important to be aware of the gender differences when one is communicating, because altering the way we interrelate will create better understanding and harmony.

Men need to accept that women will bring in a world view that often includes emotions and her experiences which she is trying to share with her mate.

Women need to back off when men feel intimidated (you can tell when he gets angry) and change the approach to presenting the exchange of ideas. It helps to listen to the entire dissertation and then present thoughts in a more factual context.

With these corrections in communication, the love for one another can be experienced and appreciated as both genders then feel understood.