November 10, 2006
November 10, 2006

Primal Instincts

When baboons and bears are led to believe that food will be available via people and the food is no longer accessible they attack people. Baboons do not normally attack people as they are mainly vegetarian, therefore the scientists are perplexed.

Observing animal behaviour can unlock some mysteries of human behaviour. When a child is granted nearly every wish the child feels it is their right to have their demands met. Parents confer a right when there are no consequences nor any effort expected for the gains received. Children will become angry when the right to have every wish granted is now denied. Think about this: Humanity goes to war and will fight to the last breath to safeguard its rights. Yet we grant rights to children as if they were royalty and expect them to accept a lowered rank when we no longer wish to supply it.

Parents need to be aware that they are establishing a pattern of “the world owes me a living”. Parents feel guilty over splitting the family into segments. The guilt prevents the parent (or guardian) from identifying the functional goals for civilization. As a caretaker, one must consider the Short term goals and the Long term goals. Short term: you may make your child happy with a gift, but Long term: you may turn your adorable child into a bum, a monster, or a person with low self esteem who does not know how to make him/herself happy by accomplishing an activity.

Striving to do your best becomes its own reward that creates self confidence. I still remember my infancy where I was able for the first time to lift a chair. I felt a power and control over my surroundings. Maturing functionally is a step by step process of small satisfactions that only the individual can achieve. Allow your child the growth of striving for good grades, helping with housework, co-repairing items and so forth. Youth does not always want to mature, yet will be grateful as an adult that you did your nurturing properly.