November 15, 2009
November 15, 2009

Failure Attitudes

There are attitudes which inevitably lead to failure. If you are wondering why you are not successful and have any of these attitudes; work on changing them so you can be successful.

It is not my fault

People/ the government, owe me a living.

That job is beneath me.

God will take care of me without any effort on my part to make my life comfortable/rich/secure.

Defining luxuries as necessities and not recognizing the difference. I deserve: a living, nice clothes, eating out, nice things, vacation, and so forth.

I will not change with the times.

I refuse to recognize that changing times require a new strategy.

I attack: a person, a situation, etc., when I can not get what I want.

That is too much work, too difficult, too boring and so on.

I want what I want NOW. Why should I wait?

I canít do it: I donít have enough education/money/influence/ health and so forth.

I give my word, but who can blame me if I donít remember I gave it or I can not and do not keep it? I donít create a plan so that I can keep my word.

What I do is right. What other people do is wrong.

I quit because: it was too hard; took too long; I got bored.

No one will give me a break.

I canít do (fill in the blank____) because it is too difficult, I do not have the energy, I am not well,.

Jimmy Cricket in a Walt Disney film sang ďThe world owes me a living tr-la la la la la la la la la.Ē

it is wonderful that others try uplifting these attitudinal failures, however in certain cases their own belief systems guarantees that the well-meaning aide enables them to continue in their pursuit of failure.

All of the above statements are negative. Negativity becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. It leads to disaster. Only with a positive creative thinking approach will your goals begin to be met, by you and by no one else.

There has been blind pianists, paralysed individuals among them: a president and business owners, hearing impaired persons who have become leaders, individuals who over come the lack of hands, a severely disabled physicist, and the millions of immigrants who came to America dead poor; who have contributed to our welfare in art, business, running the country and the world problems. They all had one thing in common. No excuses: Only I can, and I will continue to sacrifice the immediate future for future gains which brings progress for themselves and for the world. On a personal level confidence and happiness occurs by accomplishing the worthwhile purposes in life.