November 18, 2015
November 18, 2015


It is about the beginning of the life of Jesus. The Bible says that he was a carpenter's son who grew up to bring messages of kindness, caring and loving to all. Jesus and his disciples were loved by the masses, but shunned by the political climate of the time. Therefore, we can conclude that Jesus had a life that was difficult albeit rewarding.

Our lives are similar. There is no bed of roses. Many people find thorns among the roses. Yet Jesus honoured the down trodden and poor. He continued to work miracles bringing comfort and joy to those nearest him.
He turned the dissidence towards him into peace and harmony.

Jesus was betrayed, yet he forgave. How many of us can forgive those who have betrayed us?

What happens to people who refuse to forgive? Strangely-even when the betrayal is still not ongoing- the incident replays as if it is happening repeatedly. Not letting go of the treachery transforms itself into an individual betrayal of self. The memory becomes a poison that eats away at the personality and the life force of the victim.

How can anyone recover from the fear of a future assault? The fear alone demands and maintains constant vigilance. The other negative emotions of resentment, hate, frustration, and anger fuel each other into an explosive ready to detonate at some future date.

First, one must reassess the event. Is it going to happen again? Are you 100% certain that it will happen again? Are you certain the event will repeat?

Secondly, if we believe it will continue in one form or another: can we change it?; can we remove ourselves from it?

Thirdly, if we can change it, what steps need to be taken to correct the situation so that it will not repeat itself.

Fourthly, assuming that the happenstance is corrected; are you still replaying it continually? Not letting it go?

The Bible states that Jesus did good works constantly. He looked at life as a test to be positive. What can you think of that has made you extremely happy? Think in detail of that occasion. What was the day like? What time of year was it? Try to see the entire occurrence in detail. Relive it. Relive it over and over again instead of the negative emotions, relive the positive ones.

Christmas trees, lights, warm gatherings of friends and family, good food and exchanging gifts are happy thoughts of Santa Claus and childhood.

THAT IS WHAT CHRISTMAS IS ALL ABOUT. WHY NOT MAKE CHRISTMAS A DAILY LIFE EXPERIENCE? Turn the negative imagery into positive imagery and go on to enjoy life.