November 30, 2007
November 30, 2007

Daily Thanksgiving

I spent Thanksgiving with my friend’s daughter's family. We sat around the table talking about how intrusive the TV is in our lives. This extended family has banned it from the dining area permanently because conversing and eating go well together. After giving grace the four year old wanted to and did emulate her parents appreciation for all the members of the family gathering together.

After dinner our little girl spontaneously began a game of saying, “I see with my little eyes the color blue.” All the adults joined in trying to determine what she saw that was blue. It was shared time that had many lessons.
1. She was important.
2. She was using her learned education.
3. The family listened to her.
4. Family shared time is valuable.
5. Enjoyment does not need to cost money, only time.
6. Giving of ones time is priceless.

The adults continued the game as long as it held her attention.

Obviously, this family honors daily being grateful which should not be just for Thanksgiving or Christmas.

At the end of the evening the youngster put her arms around me and I kissed her forehead. She cuddled her infant sister and told her she loved her.

I hope everyone extends these holidays to every day being a loving day in which we share simple pleasures with each other for that is truly the spirit of Christmas.