November 7, 2012
November 7, 2012


Governor Romney graciously exhibited the essence of bipartisanship in his concession speech for presidency. Everyone can learn from his example; the country, our families, couples, and individuals need to learn to accept and understand each otherís point of view. We need to agree to disagree and then look for common ground to negotiate what we agree with.

It is not just the country that needs to learn this valuable lesson. It is all of us. We are a diverse culture that also creates problems in our home life. The majority of Americans have married into another culture or lifestyle: be it different faiths, ethnic group or incompatible personalities.

As a counselor, I find that the major problems in relationship difficulties is; Individuals do not feel any need to work at resolving a problem in co-ordination with ones partner; whether that partner be a significant other or the opposing political party. Or worse yet, expect only one half of the equation to do all the work, while resisting any compromise.

Compromise takes both halves to hammer out an equitable solution while retaining, as much as is possible, an adherence to the relevant issues of the other.

An open mind is fundamental. Personalising whatever complication which arises only leads to refusing to hear the other side. If this happens, there will never be a resolution. the debate is over before it is begun. Our Senators and Congressmen would look into their hearts on this one. As individuals we need to question ourselves about what the facts really are.

Try to determine what the reality of the situation really is without letting ones emotions frighten either side into apathy.

What is the goal? Look at long term and sort term consequences.

What is the issue? Donít get lost in the past or other extraneous topics.

What are the areas of agreement? How can they be built on?
Each party needs to realise that a certain amount of freedom to do,be, or have, may be lost by each faction.

Explore the opposite perception. We all believe that we are 100% correct. However that does not leave any room to mediate a working transaction.

Being open to negotiation is the essence that Governor Romney showed us so graciously. Now letís follow his example.