January 2, 2010
January 2, 2010

Overcoming Family Past

I relate to my clients how the challenges of growing up with discordant parents: with a mother who never seemed to have a happy day in her life and who radiated her disgruntled feelings from morning until night; was probably what I needed to become strong, self-sufficient, independent and self starting. Dysfunctional families can create the challenge that we need to overcome life’s obstacles- or it can bury us with resentment towards our care givers. The choice is ours to determine. Accepting the benefits of what one obtains from negative circumstances continues to create more positive outcomes.

Therefore, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer in his recent appearance on WLIW21 identified “IT’S MY PERSONAL HISTORY” excuse as the way to prevent yourself from succeeding; struck a resounding cord in me. He suggests that those negative thoughts be reversed and replaced by “I live in the present moment by being grateful for all of my life experiences as a child.”

I did not exactly see it as overcoming an excuse because somewhere, long ago I took responsibility for my actions. I studied hard, got good grades. I received a one year scholarship for college. When I no longer had the money to continue, I put my plans on hold. I resumed college when I was thirty seven years old with three children and a husband who resented my returning to school. I was still a full time mother, wife and housekeeper. The college told me that it had been too many years since I had previously attended college and would not award credit for some of the courses. I waited until the final grades for the first year were posted, brought in several files that I had complied through the years of research on the human condition and showed them to the administration who then, reversed the ruling and gave me credit for applicable courses.

In fact, telling me I can not do something usually resembles, in my mind, taunting the bull with a red cape. One knows it will charge. Those who know me know that I will overcome the complications which are just a puzzle to master. People like crossword puzzles. I relish life’s riddles.

So follow Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s advice. I have-without knowing that I was doing it.