January 21, 2009
January 21, 2009

The Misunderstood Brain

Mention the brain as malfunctioning and people immediately fear that they are being labelled crazy. Not so. The newest research by Dr. Amen in his several books on brain function clearly illustrate with SPECT (single positron emission computed tomography) studies that the brain, like any other bodily organ, is an organ that can be scanned to determine and show the areas of the brain which have become damaged due to: brain injuries (car accidents, banging ones head, bouncing a soccer ball with ones head, etc.), prescription (bad) side effects, street drugs, alcohol, toxins that reside in some of our water or food. In other words often the damaged brain is not something we have knowingly caused except in cases of drug abuse. Go to www.brainplace.com for multiple brain scans that show the difference between a undamaged good brain and one that is damages.

Unfortunately since, the brain controls our thoughts and actions, when it is not working optimally it can lie to us and we believe it as we have no internal way to determine that it is off the beat. However, if other people, especially your loved ones are complaining about your behavior that you never initially had, then it might be time to take the brief written tests (invite a close relative to check also) that Dr. Amen outlines in his book HEALING THE HARDWARE OF THE SOUL.

The only way that your brain can tell you that it is functioning poorly is by aberrant thoughts, emotions, and/or behavior. In most cases, The only physical pain might be a headache. Unfortunately, on occasion these aberrant behaviors may be illegal so it is imperative if you are on the wrong path to check out how you can correct illicit or unpleasant actions so that your school work, family, spouses, job, and marriage, can reap the rewards of a better running brain.

There are different sections of the brain, each having symptoms that are applicable to that particular area. The diet, medication, and cognitive therapy is consistent with the particular part that is not working properly.

There is help, so do not despair. a scientific approach to the problems does much to ameliorate them.