December 1, 2014
December 1, 2014

Eliminate Negativity

Eliminate Negativity.

Often people do not realise they are being negative in every day life by simply eliminating their choices.
I canít do that because:
1. It is too far to travel
2. The puppy I want is not being bred anymore or is not easily assessable.
3. It is too difficult.
4. I donít have the time.
5. I donít have the money.
6. I donít have the skills.
7. I am too lazy.
8. S/he wonít let me do it.
9. I am too overwhelmed.
10. There is never a nice enough day to do it.
11. It is too far distant- in geography, time, money,etc.
12. Iím too old. Why start now?
13. Iím too sick. In too much pain.
14, When people present options, you think of how they will not work because______.
15. I can not go because: it is too cold outside-too hot--too rainy- too early --too late--too dark-- too light (you get the idea).

Have I hit all the excuses? Probably not. What excuse do you give yourself for not accomplishing for what you want in life?

Look at your excuse. How can you overcome it? Often number 11 is the biggest blockage of all. The fact that what you want will take time and effort to gain the money, skills, education, etc. that you want. You will have to plan in increments. You will have to have patience and maintain your goal in the presence of the world telling you that you can not do it.

So if you do not do it, you are a failure. If you do it you are a success, even if you fail. Because failing when you try is a success. You have overcome negativity.

Portion whatever resources you have into manageable bits. If you start to save and there is an emergency which consumes all your money. Do not get discouraged. For if you had not saved; you would now be in debt. Be thankful that you had the expense covered and begin again.

If you feel you can not pay for the skills you want to learn, go to the internet, the library, a friend who knows how, etc. When you block the goal with ďI canítĒ before you even start, you block the possibilities. You have failed before you even begin.

Often people say if they see things as of all is going wrong, then they will not be disappointed. Their entire life is purposeless and lacks sparkle. They are disappointed every day of their life.
When people reach for the stars, they still go higher than those who dig underground.
If you do nothing to progress, then 20 or more years from now you will be in the same situation.

However, those who keep trying eventually meet their goals and have the satisfaction of maintaining their passion, their mind and body stays younger than those who remain in the mire.

Concentrate on what you can do, not what you can not do.
For those people who have disabilities which I also share, it is even more important to take what medication and care for your disease or pain and then ignore the pain. I go for hours on end-not noticing severe pain because I refuse to concentrate on it. Think wellness, not illness.
The more you complain, the more you head toward the goal you do not want. Keep yourself motivated with something you enjoy doing, even if it is only for 5 minutes a day. The brain acts on positive reinforcement so be your own cheer leader.

Instead of thinking about why you can not accomplish what you want,
instead spend time redesigning your life to accomplish whatever you want to happen.