December 14, 2007
December 14, 2007

The Perfect XMas Gift

Short on money? Donít know what the person would like? What size? What color? The perfect gift fits all. Give a gift of time shared with the other person. Give a gift of helping your child with homework assignments or going to the special interest that s/he is involved in. Children can give a note that states that they will, dust, clean their room, vacuum or any other type of duty they are able to do for a week or more if they are so inclined.

With both parents working the entire family is in short supply of time to enjoy the most important aspect of their lives. Money is earned in order that luxuries unheard of in my day may be given without any effort on the childrenís part. My best memories are the many evenings where we gathered around the piano and sang the current melodies. Mom played poorly especially with the rhythm, but no one minded. I think it was a plus; we learned to accept people as they are and love all the imperfections as much as the perfection's.

Depression, especially around the holidays is very prevalent, but if the emphasis on our lives is giving and sharing love, then the sadness disappears.

In cases where the depression is caused by hormonal imbalance this would not be the case and the individual needs to see a physician who will help the endogenous problem.

So have a very Merry Christmas with the basics of love every day not just one day of the year.