December 14, 2017
December 14, 2017

Safety Measures

In 1960 Bernadine Fawcett attended college. At that time she met a young man who said that he wanted publicity. If he could not get it by his efforts he would serial kill.

Some individuals will do anything to gain notoriety. Therefore, it is important to not display the name or the face of these men who think they are heroes by doing dastardly things in order to go down in history. We are giving them what they want by broadcasting them.

If showing the public someone at large whom we wish to catch is needed, then, that is a matter of public safety. What purpose is served by displaying a terrorist's picture on National TV? In the old days when a criminal died he was buried without acknowledgment of his name on the stone or no stone whatsoever to acknowledge his existence. It was understood back then that the best way to deal with future "want to be's" was to make it unattractive to kill.

Advertise the act without a mention of who did it.

In the same vein acknowledging Trump's Tweets gives him the exposure he desires. In America, it is becoming acceptable that any media notice makes the person famous and somehow lends them credibility.. Perhaps it is a Pavlov reaction. The public hears the name repeatedly and then decides that that person must be credible to be mentioned so frequently?

Research has found that no matter how much dirt is exposed; those who have been loyal will remain loyal. Whether the two concepts correlate or not I do not know.

I am merely commenting on facts as they are developing.