January 23, 2013
January 23, 2013

Clothes Send a Message

I had a room mate one time many years ago that wore a black dress that had open links across the breast (and no undergarment to conceal the breasts.). At two in the morning she came in crying that she had been mauled by a man. She was very offended. I wanted to say then-but I did not say it then, but I will now- “If you dress where men conclude you are a slut, then you will be treated as such.”

Should you not wish to have advances which you as a female feel is inappropriate, be aware that men will read your intentions whether you thought you were just wearing an interesting original garment.

Ask yourself, “What kind of a message do you want to imply? Just because women want the culture to change and want a man’s reactions to be synchronised with their own, does not mean that it will magically happen.

Do you want men to know that you are available sexually? The tight dress, over sexual parts of the body dispatches that non-verbal code.

Recently I observed a woman wearing on the back of her pants, “Do it Now!” As a female even I got the sexual message. If she did not mean what was written, I can only say that the men are being discrete in ignoring it. Certainly all men do not jump at the chance.

Women and men wear business suits that identify their motive is work. The shirts or blouses worn with the suit, is a tie, or a button up blouse, so that the sexual anatomy is not displayed.

In the work place, the clothes which you choose are often chosen by the employer. Make certain that the choice is in keeping with your own moral standard. The Bunny girls are thought of as play mates for men. There is a behavior which is attached to that attitude.

Dancing half naked for a living invites the lowest type of man. I have known such dancers who thought it was all right to be partially naked as they were unashamed of their bodies. A rude awakening followed when one woman was raped because the male did not share her open philosophy.

Working as a barmaid, even dressed unprovocatively can be difficult as men have their own ideas of what a women should wear and how she should act. Creating a cold atmosphere does not bring good tips. So decide before going into an area that could create misinterpretation with certain men what dress and what behavior is in line with who you are.

The gender culture is not likely to alter with every male out there. It is much better to be safe than sorry.