December 5, 2003
December 5, 2003

Formula For Happiness

The perception which one decides to view life creates the formula for Happiness. One gray dismal day when I was in Fiji, a fellow traveler blocked my view of the ocean and said, ďI hate it here. There is nothing to do. I can hardly wait to go home.Ē However, I was annoyed with her outburst and interfering with my breathtaking experience of watching the breakers every thirty seconds or so create a turquoise waterfall. Two people with the same situation, but with different takes on the resulting joy.

Happiness is a decision one needs to make. Once made it demands vigilance to scrutinize a situation and locate the most positive aspects of it. My Florida based daughter who just visited me brought in a colorful autumn leaf and left it for me to admire. I put it in with the wilting basket of flowers as a replacement. I tend to hold on to beauty (and pleasant experiences) even long after they expire. The memory is so precious a gift and the graciousness of the thought that prompts it is sacred to me.

Each day I am grateful for my improving health (that I work diligently on with exercise and diet). I thank God for the weather (no matter what type). If it rains I donít have to water my garden and that saves me money. If it is sunny, I can walk outside. If it storms I like to hear the wind blow. I am thankful that I have wonderful friends who call me to see how Iím doing. I make do with whatever small or large amounts of money that I have or have not. I feel it is a challenge to find ways to conserve when times are rough and there have been many years of those for me. When my children were little I made all the Christmas gifts from scraps of materials, boxes and bits of knick knack's people gave me. My children still have those gifts and prize them over everything they have ever received from me, including gifts of large chunks of money.

Therefore happiness is the attitude we have followed by the sense of purpose to strive for it with peace and harmony, allowing joy and gratefulness to temper your perceptions. List your dreams and allow yourself them without putting in ďBut I canít because...Ē Then problem solve to create your dream. Donít fall into the trap of expecting someone else to provide your happiness.

Be responsible for it yourself. If the dream requires money, put a nickel, dime or dollar away each week or whatever you can afford. Whatever you do , it will be more than what will happen if you do nothing at all. If you want someone to share your life, join groups that you find interesting. Eventually that may lead to your goal. These are your plans based on your dreams. Start small. Seeds become trees which last many generations. Begin your seed today. A smile instead of a frown will bring smiles in return. You have begun the process of developing happiness.