January 6, 2009
January 6, 2009


Dogs growl, bare their teeth or attack when they are afraid. Most animals attack when they fear that they are being threatened. People do the same, but often carry the projection even further.

The other day a woman telephoned for an appointment. I went through the usual process of obtaining name, telephone, number, and other particulars that are necessary for intake. I noticed that her answers were getting snippier and exhibited more and more annoyance. When I proceeded with determining what was the best day and time for her to make an appointment she boiled over and said, “I can tell that you are agitated. I felt it from the beginning. Rip up the information. I am not coming in.” I smiled to myself and said, “Have a good day.” She projected for whatever reason that she felt annoyed, her feeling as if it were mine and was angry. Too bad as she really needed to become aware of her attitude which was probably causing her the problems she was seeking to resolve.

Clients believe their own attitudes which causes them huge upsets. Accusing their loved ones of affairs when there are no facts to substantiate the claim is considered paranoia. An individual who blame shifts his/her internal fear of loss, actually insists it is happening.

Note that any emotion regardless of the type can be negatively transferred to another. However, there is also positive transference in that individuals judge other’s emotions as those which they are experiencing and may be certain that they have love returned from a date when none exists other than that which s/he is experiencing. In that circumstance the outcome is not a happy one. Yet, there are often positive transferences in the sense that one develops a rapport with humanity to understand the experience of another and react in a most acceptable manner. Projection in these cases are very desirable and may ultimately bring peace to the world.