January 9, 2012
January 9, 2012


It is very important for the reader to determine the authenticity of what material is presented to them by determining the authority of the writer.

On the two occasions I was requested to give my opinion in court, each Judge made the decision that they would consider what I had to say in the light of the fact that I was a counselor, not a therapist. All my articles must be viewed in that same context. The Judges took into consideration the amount of time that I have worked as a counselor, and the fact that I had authored self help books and articles. The Judges announced that the credibility of my opinion would be judged through that perspective.

Whenever, someone gives you advice you must always go through the same process in an objective manner to determine if you wish to follow that advice.

Misconceptions may abound if a person or a group do not follow that procedure.

For example, I believe that Terrorists have a misconception of what democracy is so that they attack us and kill us. The terrorists that believe everything through the filter of a religious belief that does not agree with the rest of the world are very dangerous indeed. They so strongly believe that they are correct that they are willing to use suicide bombers to justify killing us in order to convince us that they are right. How many people do you think they convince? Intimidation does not convince people, it may intimidate them into compliance if the force is strong enough that we can not resist, but it does not change minds as to our beliefs.

Misconceptions are dangerous. It is important to keep an open mind and determine what is the source of your information.