February 12, 2013
February 12, 2013


According to Facebook a Buddha saying is: “Holding on to anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.“

The humour and the truth of it is valuable. Although, I can not testify as to whether Buddha said it or not.

However, the manner in which we respond to our negative emotions. such as disappointment, frustrations, revenge, etc. leads to an anger reaction which will determine our general attitude in life.

Someone accidentally breaks your most valuable vase. Do you go into a rage?

Or- Do you deal with your own loss and then forgive the offender?

What if a person deliberately destroys your possessions? Do you attack them, verbally or physically? Do you respond by destroying something precious to them? Or- Do you try to understand why the person would do it? Eliminate further incidents by refusing to associate with them any more?

What if your possessions are blown away by a tornado? Do you rage at God? Do you give up?

Or- Do you rebuild? And do it better than before?

What if you find that you have a limited time left on this earth? Do you self destruct and hurt others?

Or- Do you follow your bucket list? Do you amend all your wrongs? Do you try harder to help others? Do you establish a legacy organization for others?

What if you have misinterpreted the intention or event of a loved one? Do you forever hold stubbornly to your misgivings and refuse to allow the actual truth to surface?

Or-Do you try to establish the facts before jumping to conclusions?

The way that we respond to all of the above is the deciding factor as to how we feel about life.

We can decide to be happy and reject anything or any body who wantonly destroys that happiness. Which is easier to do when we have some control - in that we can walk away from the problem, work it out, find alternatives and follow a prearranged agreed upon plan.

When we are unable to change a health problem or nature gone berserk it creates a much larger challenge to our psychological resources.

We can avoid or deny that there is a problem. We can withdraw, blame whoever (God, Doctors the government), and/or become hostile.

Or- We can choose to accept the challenge and find a new belief system that allows acceptance. Physicians know that “Polly Anna’s” live longer and suffer less sick time than those with a negative attitude. When we are determined to see life through rose coloured glasses we feel better. Everyone around us benefits from our graciousness.

But, more importantly whatever manure comes our way it only sprouts the most beautiful exotic flowers. So find solutions that benefit you, your family, your friends, and the world. Utilise the resources in your society.

Leave the world a better place than the one you might have inherited. You will find the answer if you look for it and sincerely work to improve every obstacle in your path.