February 15, 2002
February 15,2001


Healthy food choices help prevent relationships from deteriorating. You are probably wondering what food could possibly have to do with a relationship. Foods that are low in nutritional value actually cause many illnesses. U.S. News and World Report magazine displayed a cover last year, that stated DIABETES EPIDEMIC. The Dr. Julian Whitaker Wellness Institute with nutritionist, Diane Lara have researched this thoroughly. Diane Lara states that any foods not recognized by the body cells as food, then places them into the fat cells which are always receptive. As there is a weight gain, the body is unable to utilize the insulin needed to process the foods and the person develops Diabetes.

Diabetes is only one example of how the body needs proper foods to function at its maximum. In any illness the patient is likely to have symptoms of irritability, lack energy, become depressed and/or lose interest in love-making, need added hours of sleep which any or all these problems makes companionship levels suffer. Usually the spouse feels the patient is acting out of, out right meanness or 'falling out of love.' The patient might even believe that the spouse is correct because s/he feels out of sorts and often blames it on the relationship rather than checking with a physician. However, it is not just the spouse that suffers from less enjoyable interactions, but also the children who become victims of the short temper and limited time spent that is so very needed in order to develop strong ego identity.

Overweight does not always cause Diabetes. Being overweight lowers the bodies ability to function correctly which may, then, cause hypertension,strokes, and heart attacks. The list is endless with how the body may break down.


Often it is a symptom of putting the wrong food choices into your body.


Here are the basic Do's and Don'ts of eating properly:

-Eliminate all junk foods and caffeine products (try a fresh orange for the same pick me up).

-Rid yourself of all processed and refined foods. Cut out salt and sugar (sugarsubstitutes that the body readily recognizes as food are Xylitol and Rice brown syrup).

-Eat instead 100% whole wheat and 100% rye flours. If you wish to snack try hummus, veggy sticks, or an apple with almond butter on it (Delicious!).

-Dried Beans (you have to prepare them yourself), 100% grain cereals that take at least 10 minutes or more to cook,nuts, seeds (especially fresh ground flax seed), and fruits are all metabolized well and create a nutritional balance that makes the body Purr.

-The most important item to cut out is any meat or poultry that has been given antibiotics during its life time. We are in the food chain. The antibiotics enter our system (from the meat and poultry we eat) 1 and cause our normal yeast cells to go wacky causing Candida.

*Candida symptoms are: chronic fatigue, gas, bloating, rectal burning, itching, vaginal yeast infections, kidney,and bladder infections, depression (that in some cases has led to suicide), allergies, poor memory, irritability, inability to concentrate, diarrhea, constipation,athletes foot, fungus under toes and fingernails, rashes, among others. Of course if you have been on antibiotics the relationship is more direct to Candida. In the situation that applies to this column it is not possible tolink every disease and every reason for it, but hopefully this information will motivate you to obtain Health information from the many sources available to you such as Health letters, library books, etc.

-Look for Organically Certified beef and range free poultry and eggs so that you may stop the damaging effects that Candida causes. If you already have Candida the above dietary restrictions become more stringent. Ask your doctor for a diet to follow along with the medications that the physician prescribes. I have recently visited the Whitaker Wellness Institute with a laundry list of ills that created poor energy levels, insomnia, lack of focus, poor memory, overweight, and diarrhea. The served and suggested meals were delicious. The attention to every disease that I had, plus finding through various tests run there were very thorough and most of all very caring which satisfied me emotionally as well as physically. All the symptoms reversed themselves within the first week and my health is continuing to improve as I follow the diet/exercise suggestions along with supplements and new prescriptions. (The work preparing the food becomes easier as I get used to cooking differently.)

Moreover, my diabetes is running at normal levels with one quarter of themedication I was previously taking. My hypertension is running even lower than what is considered normal (my physician said it needs to be at this range.) I,now, have boundless energy. (I was sleeping one to three hours a day before). Lately, I put in fourteen hour days. I have lost fifteen pounds and all the bloat is gone from my ankles. I follow the healthy food choices and eat as much as I need to rid myself of feeling hungry.

I must admit that I noticed that I had been abrupt with people because I was feeling such malaise within my entire system. Thank God I don't live with anyone, so I wasn't destroying a relationship except with myself. However, I may have lost a few clients when I wasn't my usual pleasant self. Please don't lose the point that I am making here. I am using myself as a prime example of how poor food choices can destroy relationships. Healthy food choicescan create a happier, healthier you, for you and your family.

Good Luck!