March 11, 2009
March 11, 2009


Animals use deception in order to survive. A wild goose flew as if her wing were broken and then landed in front of an ongoing vehicle. Luckily, I screamed at my cat to stop or he would have followed her and been run over by the car. Amazingly she flew away with a perfect wing span. My husband and I realized she must be protecting her geeselings which she was. We brought our cat into the house for the safety of the birdís seven youngsters.

Intelligence agents in World War II successfully used Native Indian language as a code to transmit sensitive messages so that the US military could win the war. Both animals and humans utilize lies for self preservation.

Individuals lie because they fear the consequences of confrontation. Unfortunately, the anguish, of being caught, increases with every lie that is told to protect the original fib. Therefore, when the prefabricator is finally discovered, the consequences have become monumental which reinforces the perception that the fear to be forthright was justified. The case of the self fulfilling prophesy result in the personís prediction of conflict.

Actually, the major problem with lying is that it destroys trust in a relationship. Researchers have found that those spouses which inform their mates of the indiscretion before they do it, actually maintain an unbroken trust. Those relationships were found to often survive the affair with minimal consequences.

The natural instinct of lying is founded in most childhood behaviors. If it is not identified and corrected it can become a cyclic form of behavior where the youth may commence to confuse reality and fantasy so that they are not easily separated.

Courts of law demand truth, for without it, no one is able to determine a fair decision for all involved.

Everyone realizes that lying to save your life is understandable. What about lying to save your livelihood? If you say yes to that -where does the amount stop? For survival? and what does that mean to someone who has millionaire tastes and bilks the public of billions of dollars.

A boundary has to be established. Therefore, the legal system does not accept any degree of lying. Civilization is founded on a structure of truth and justice. Humanís need to upgrade their efforts to comply with the laws that allow people to live in harmony and peace.