March 13, 2013
March 13, 2013

Fix It

How many of you turn right when your GPS says: “turn left”? What a silly question you must think this is, of course you turn left if the GPS says to do that. You are driving the car and could turn incorrectly if you choose, but why would you do that?

Well I recently used a GPS example to create an analogy. I stated that no one except yourself can fix yourself. My client said, “So what are we doing here, then?” I said, I am like the GPS. It can direct you, but it can not drive your car. I can guide you, but you have to go home and do the work of following the skills you learn here. Just as you use the GPS and follow the directions to arrive at your correct destination.”

I have told clients:
I am not God.
I do not have magic dust.
I am not a TV set to sit and watch and then continue the same routine as before.

What I do have are skills which have proven to work with clients now for over 35 years. For the many people who attend counseling sessions and persevere with my guidelines, they have the good fortune which they bring on themselves, by observing and following the practise of happy balanced energy with their family, spouses and children.

Good luck to anyone who wants to fix themselves! You only need the motivation to start and the tenacity to continue excellent working skills to become a happier more harmonious person.

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