March 19, 2009
March 19, 2009

Anger Management Dream

I had just said to a friend of mine, ”What will I write about next?” In my sleep, the answer was supplied. It appeared between a waking morning moment and a ten minute “let me catch a few minutes more of shut eye”.

Here is the dream: I met a small group of people in a field who have paid me to counsel them on rage issues. As I am speaking, the participants comment that others are watching. I ignore the gathering and continue my instructions.

I suggest that the individuals close their eyes, and imagine that they have a channel to their brain in which they can direct the anger through it to make a ball. Then they can gather or catch that ball whichever they feel more adequate in doing and throw the ball as far away as possible. In that the ball is the contained anger, the anger is now gone. If the ball lands close by them and they feel that the rage is still present, to pick up the ball and re-throw it as many times as they need to do it until they no longer feel harassed by that emotion.

When I looked up from the paying group, I, now, saw a stadium section set up and all the observers were following my directions. I bent over with laughter and said, “This group paid for this counseling. How about passing the hat for the benefits you just received?” I was pleased that so many people were gaining knowledge that would help them manage their lives.

Then I woke up. I was left pleased and joyous. My dream utilized an example of imagery to manage rage. There are many other ways to arrive at the same destination, but hopefully this one will help you if you are struggling with unpleasant emotions that harass you.