March 25, 2021
March 25, 2021

The Brain

Good Grief! I am amazed that the media does not educate the public more about the Brain's functions.

The Brain runs the body. Without it being able to function, we could not walk, talk, hear, smell or see. But that is not all that the Brain does.

The Brain regulates all our emotions not just sexual, (arousal or lack of it).

The Brain can and does work automatically without previous thought. That is when we have ANTS (Automatic Negative Thoughts) or when our neurotransmitters are activated by outside stimulus which spark the electrical chemicals to tell the brain cells what to do. In other words hormones are activated that create a multitude of different emotions.

The entire range of emotions are activated by a mixture of hormones such as fear, passion, love, frustration, anger, and so forth. Every emotion is a combined mixture of hormones that represent the thought or feeling of the individual.

The Brain works well except when the Brain is damaged in the area that is needed in order to respond to a situation. Then the response may be negative, or absent altogether.

The Brain is separated into different areas that control different areas of function.

If the area for filtering impulses is damaged, then the person will act irresponsibly. That part of the Brain, by the way, is the Pre-frontal Lobes which can be damaged by blows to the head or a period of being unconscious.

Another example is damage to the Limbic System which activates and controls emotions. As an example: should this area be damaged, the external stimuli for a sexual reaction could be nullified.

Car accidents, blows to the head, tumors, periods of coma, lack of oxygen, poor blood circulation, stroke, addictions, genetics are just a few of the ways in which the Brain no longer functions or only partly functions.

Why is it so important to know this?

Relationships are often ruined when the behavior and/or actions of the loved one does not fit with normal expectations of behavior.

It is regrettable for a Brain injured person to be blamed for the impairment of the Brain.

One should not decide that there is a Brain dysfunction without an informed opinion to determine if that is the cause.

Unfortunately, I find that even with the facts, no understanding of the challenges the impaired person is struggling with- is taken into consideration by others. Not through meanness, but through ignorance of how the Brain works. Instead it is often interpreted as no longer loving the other, or being thoughtless and uncaring.

Abundant material is found with any of the multiply books on how the Brain functions by Daniel G. Amen, M.D. You might also consult the book by Richard Restak, M.D., "The Brain."

I highly recommend researching the Brain. It will improve your life as well as those of others should you do so.