April 11, 2014
April 11, 2014

What a Good Relationship Needs

While getting my nails done, the operator said, A man wants a Lady in the living room and a Whore in the bedroom. While that may be a gross exaggeration, it ironically sparks of the truth.


An awareness of Gender differences between the sexes in the areas of sex, clothes, and appearances which vary according to the culture and experiences of each individual along with the basic drives of both sexes.

The ability to be aware that in this diverse culture one can not get everything in one person that one desires.
Therefore, partnership components must be co-ordinated if one desires a forever relationship.

The realisation that different concepts of culture may arise from ones upbringing, and ones internal self-messages which determine how and why choices are made. Internalized messages and standards adhered to subconsciously and consciously create a rocky path for many couples.

The ability and willingness to identify the relationship chasms. Then one must have the willingness to adjust to a new set of mutual guidelines.

Standards- Both sexes often gauge a relationship by how much the partner can advance them politically, financially, or in business. Balance this with the emotion that is labelled LOVE and another chasm is formed.

Lastly the need to liberally use choice to compromise, take turns, and creatively mix all of the components demanded plus the effort to apply them. Wow that is a big order!

Strangely when one is IN LOVE one often believes that if effort has to be utilised then one does not really love the other. Nothing could be further from the truth. Just as the love we have for our children takes patience, understanding and a great deal of sacrifice called WORK. So do Adult Relationships need the same constancy in order to maintain them and keep the LOVE alive forever.

The results from huge efforts is harmony, peace and happiness. Which do you choose?