April 1, 2017
April 1, 2017

Women's Protection Laws Needed

It has come to my attention that the U.S. legal system still does not protect wives from husbands who scam them out of what is legally theirs. A male can actually prevent his wife from having resources for daily expenses which is considered controlling behaviors. Supposedly the wife can take him to court in order to enforce her legally granted entitlements.

Fraud and scamming can be brought to justice by the District Attorney. However, the case must be proven. Often the wife who is scammed is blocked by a manipulative mate. This is accomplished by putting all resources in his own name. However, even if the wife has ownership of a business or a home, it still prevents her from starting legal action: due to the fact that legal action costs a great deal of money. Her problem; she has no access to her finances.

In cases where the finances are tied up in legal complications deliberately created; the wife has no redress. She has no liquid assets with which to begin proceedings. Even if she does sue, the one with the most money/power who can outlast the other wins. Where is the justice in that?

If the male does not appear for court dates, they have to be rescheduled. (This type of mate would use that approach to enable him to financially out-last his wife.) The extra court fees and attorney fees for the wife who is attempting to get justice disallows her to win.

No attorney will take the case on without a guarantee of future payment. The lawyers identify the entanglements and refuse it as a consignment case.

There should be special marital laws that allow wives of long term marriages to be able to force disclosure of finances from her scheming partner without the rigamarole.

I am hoping that this article will bring to the lawmakers attention the need to have special legislative amendments to cut through the red tape for wives.