April 19, 2011
April 19, 2011


I frequently hear this remark, “Since my partner and I are getting along better, the children are not giving us as much trouble.”

My response is, “Children act out their stress that parents create from their discord. When the discord is removed 80%of the the problem is resolved.”

“The 20% leftover, is learning to work as a team with rewards and discipline, perseverance, and consistency. If a child misbehaves tomorrow, the same measures need to be applied and not abandoned because there is a special occasion which inclines the caretakers to not put the effort into maintaining the guidelines they have created.

Continued perseverance can be maintained by keeping the Children active. Many behavioural situations result from the fact that the children need to run, hop, jump, etc.

Ward off possible outbursts as you note that the noise level is increasing and/or beginning to sound a little hostile. Small children can be engaged in a game of “Simon Says”. It helps children concentrate as well as be active. The leader tries to trick the players by quickly telling them to do various moves of the body or hands. The player is out when there is a loss of concentration to be unable to follow the directions. Older children that can be trusted to be outside in a safe area can to told to run certain determined lengths to see who can run the fastest. When there are several children in the family, these techniques work very well.

Unless there is an outside source of irritation involved in family affairs, these simple rules usually correct all the situations which occur within a family.

Everyone benefits by harmonious surroundings.