April 25, 2008
April 25, 2008


Fear becomes the enemy. It materializes itself so that it is more destructive than the reality, even if there were an affair it takes over more vividly than an actual human. It becomes the affair even if there were not an indiscretion. It is imaginary. It is impossible to fight with logic. Fear establishes itself as a living breathing person. The person has no name. The identity is Fear.

Often the passion for a loved one becomes so intense that it creates a fear that the lover will want another person other than oneself. The fear feeds on itself, destroying everything in its path. Allowing the fear to take over and destroy the relationship. Relationships can only survive if there is trust.

Fear creates distance between the couple. Fighting over what clothes one wears, where one goes and who one talks with establishes one person control which further destroys the otherís sense of self and self-worth.

Fear lies in wait in the form of low self esteem.

The solution is to create a better sense of self esteem. If ones lover finds someone else more attractive, then, let them go. The fault seldom lies in the abandoned person, but in the individual that is unable to stabilize his/her life to any committed situation.