April 27, 2007
April 27, 2007

Happiness Is A Choice

I was discussing happiness with a friend who commented on my ability to maintain a positive attitude in adversity. She seemed to think it was a gift that God gave me. The only thing that I can draw on is the strength of knowing that God is with me, the rest of up to me.

First one has to ask oneself, “Do I want to be happy or do I want to be miserable?” Sometimes I do wallow in my misery and when I get tired of feeling sorry for myself, I think about all the activities which are pleasurable. I do not concentrate on those which are not available to me. For example, since I am a widow and have no partner I can not attend dances; I took up Tai Chi instead which besides being a form of martial art, is also a graceful expression of ones body that feels similar to dancing. When I am annoyed that I must restrict my diet because of Diabetes, I look for interesting recipes that delight my palate. I find hobbies and careers that delight my passion for life: drawing, writing, counseling, reading, etc. In other words, “I choose happiness.”

However, my friend says that does not work for her. We all get stuck with a negative remembrance; I suggest that you imagine it as a package and that you vigourously throw away. If it refuses to leave, give it a more violent toss into a vast ocean and watch it sink into the depths.

If you have the same problem as my friend and find it difficult to love life, ask yourself: “Am I really committed to being happy or do I want to be a martyr a while longer?”

Your choice. Good Luck!