May 16, 2011
May 16, 2011

What Story Do You Tell Yourself?

The stories we tell ourselves become our self-fulfilling prophecy.

Do you tell yourself:
I won’t succeed this is too difficult?
Do you enumerate all the reasons that you can’t obtain your goal because there is no money, the economy is down, no emotional support, you lack skills?
Do you tell yourself that your health is not up to par and you are in too much pain?
Do you refuse to let go of a damaging relationship because you feel that you can’t live without the other person?
You will not let go of an unpleasant situation because it is your economic or emotional security?

The list is endless. If there is no money, look for a job. Any job even if the pay is low. Or learn a new skill.

Budget your money so that it will last longer. Then make a list of what you spend and plan on how you can trim non-survival expenses. Don’t want to stop buying your lunch and dislike taking sandwiches to work? Why? If you crave a warm meal -get a large thermos and place warmed food in it.

If your health is declining, look for nutritious foods and do whatever exercise that your body will tolerate.

If there is no emotional support, don’t add to the decrease in confidence by putting yourself down with multiple excuses as to why you can’t accomplish your goals. Instead, make a list of what you can do and then do it.

If you are in a damaging relationship, ask yourself what are you getting out of it that you are holding on so tight? Then look for the attributes of what you need elsewhere.

Do you get the idea? Set your goal in the direction which you desire. Then create a plan to accomplish it, beak it into small workable increments. Do one action at a time. No one ever went to college first. We all start in kindergarten.

I take Argentine Tango lessons. It is a difficult dance. One gentlemen said to me after he had taken a few lessons, ”This is like hard labor” He never returned for future lessons. I am twice his age and I felt exhausted also, but my message to myself is, “I will get it.” I work at it one step at a time.

Analyse your messages to yourself. Take them apart and locate reasons why you could do something that you have told yourself that you can’t. Then do it. Amazingly you will eventually accomplish your goal.

Recently, Newsday published a story about me because I do not give up on my dancing goals. Again, years ago Newsday wrote an article about me highlighting my unwavering perseverance in light of the obstacles when I published my first book “Hear My Cry!” It takes dedication and tenacity, but if you tell yourself. "I will succeed.” In time you will.

SOME PEOPLE TELL THEMSELVES THE CORRECT STORIES, BUT THEY ARE SO FAR FETCHED THAT THE STORY TALES COULD NOT POSSIBLY COME TRUE. LOOK AT YOUR STORY. WHAT IS ATTAINABLE AND WHAT IS NOT? Are the efforts that you are using bringing positive results? Think creatively. What other means could you use to obtain the same positive result you seek? Unfortunately we often get stuck in one track thinking instead of exploring other options.

Often individuals will find what appears to be the answer to what they wish, but that alternative has too many negatives to make it a viable option. The public has a tendency to get discouraged when a door closes on their dreams and decide that they can not fulfil their desire. Look for another recourse.

The positive attitude fuelled by the story you tell yourself will help motivate you toward exploring all courses of action, not just one.