May 17, 2012
May 17, 2012

Self Acceptance

Here is a personal account that led to self acceptance:

Do you feel alone when you have no other person with you? Years ago, I felt alone also. The more I yearned to have company-it seemed- the less people were there for me. Until I decided to entertain myself with interests that I had, but never found the time to do.

I began to find the time to learn new languages, take vocal lessons and dance lessons, travel and read topics in which I formerly had no particular interest. As time progressed I had enriched my circle of friends and without any effort had multiple associations.

In the past the self-doubt increased as I wondered why I was not gaining the amount of friends in relationship with the effort I was making to attract them.

I, also, discovered that I began to enjoy my own company. I had accepted myself, by appreciating my own company. I could amuse myself without the aide of others. I had changed my anxious seeking energy to a highly charged happy one.

I found that self-acceptance was also people acceptance. As soon as I liked myself, others liked me too.

I hope that this account -if it applies to you- might help the reader.