May 2, 2017
May 2, 2017

We Have Two Brains

Did you ever get a gut feeling that proved very accurate? Perhaps you thought it was a message directly from God. It is mystifying that our gut should be able to inform us of danger or intuitively guide us in the correct direction.

Now researchers are able to scientifically prove that the information we receive is as accurate as that which responds from the brain. The reason for that is: there are neurotransmitters and receptors in the stomach that are identical to those of the brain. Also there is a direct line of communication between the brain (as we know it) and the gut's brain.

The stomach talks to the brain with neurotransmitters which cause an emotional response. When we have an upsetting thought the corresponding hormone (neurotransmitter) reacts. In order to complete the communication there are receptors that interpret the communication. This is the brain's way of communicating knowledge and the corresponding somatic reactions.
Researchers have discovered that not only are there neurotransmitters in the gut, but also receptors which interpret the information independently of the brain and the spinal cord. Therefore scientists have proven that the intestinal system acts similarly as the brain does.
Since neurotransmitters are human's way of thinking, and they are present in the gut, then the gut also thinks. There are numerous scientific books describing this phenomena. I suggest the book, "THE SECOND BRAIN" by Michael D. Gerhshon, M.D.

The specific neurotransmitters are norepinephrine and acetylchloline which carry messages from the gut to the brain and from the brain to the body. These hormones connect with the receptors (located in both the brain and the gut) which is construed as a physical reaction or a thought for the individual.

The researchers were looking for ways to improve the enteric nervous system disorders. Understanding that thoughts, events, and situations create guttural reactions which have allowed physicians to treat bodily ills.

However, my concerns are with how the mind is affected by the gut reactions. I extensively explore how the neurotransmitters and the thought process work hand in hand in my book, THE LOGIC OF EMOTIONS.

Primarily, the thoughts which we entertain, activate specific neurotransmitters that then are processed to determine what type of verbal or behavioral reaction we might have. As I point out in my book every thought releases a neurotransmitter. Once that is understood, then one can entertain the concept that there is logic to emotions.

For those of you who prefer to believe the gut reactions are from God, then be apprised that ones entire body if a gift from God including the gut. He has just made it more complicated than we originally discovered.