May 22, 2019
May 22, 2019

Delusional/Emotional Behavior

"Where did those stains on your dress come from?" And the responder states, "I must have sat in something at the park today."

The delusional person does not believe it, even when accompanying the victim and confronted with strawberry ice cream on the park bench. "You would have seen that and you probably bought a cone and dripped some on the bench to cover your tracks."

Individuals who have delusional/emotional behavior become frustrated with themselves and with their loved ones, and for the counselor who is attempting to diminish their pain. These people are in serious pain caused by their own interpretation of events which are totally removed from the actual facts.

The spouse that concocts a set of circumstances such as the person is late coming home from work is really having an affair. However, the innocent person can prove that s/he worked overtime by the time sheet and the increase in pay. Yet the delusional accuser is convinced of his/her story and will not even look at the overtime slip which would dismantle the theory.

When the victim tries to reason and say, "Where did you think the extra money came from?" The accuser says, "You must be selling drugs on the side."

The delusion has become very emotional and is clung to, as if it were a teddy bear to comfort them on a dark night. Yet the teddy bear has teeth and has become the monster which haunts their paranoia. They are suffering and make those around them suffer. They need treatment, but usually decline it because they believe that they are correct and everyone else is lying or at least mislead.

There is not much that can be done for their suffering unless they consent to get treatment from a legitimate source such as a psychiatrist.
Counselors cannot correct that type of delusion. Active listening used for emotional people in trying situations can be guided to objective reasoning. Active listening for the deluder only justifies their assumption and therefore believes the counselor is agreeing with them. This only magnifies and justifies the suspicion.