May 5, 2018
May 5, 2018

Energy Work

I viewed "THE HEALING FIELD; EXPLAINING ENERGY" a documentary movie with multiple references to practitioners.
The following are the major items covered to increase ones energy:


Another researcher: Dr. Angel uses sound healing. He suggests striking a fork tuner and let it fade out before striking again. Listen as the sound recedes and is gone. Repeat.

Jerry Epstein, M.D. uses nerve energy by imagining a dark shadow and then stepping into the light. Imagine the person or situation in the shadow and put that person or shadow in the light in order to create a positive energy rather than a negative one. His website address is for nerve disorders. He wrote, "THE MYTH OF AUTO IMMUNITY".

Gary Reeves uses Qigong and suggests that one do meditation. Start with one breath and step forward. Then take two breaths with the left leg forward. Next take a long breath and send the breaths into the clouds. Leave them there to attract the suns rays and breath in the blue light of sun energy . With your hands and arms outstretched in unison create movements so that you are aware of everything.

Ron Lauren agrees, but also suggests at the end of the Reeves exercise to send the energy into the entire body top down to the feet. Then breathe. Release the bad energy (stress). Next: Listen for a message.

All of the above is research that one can follow up on.

My suggestion for increasing energy is the use of meditation.
My meditation procedure is summarized below:
Tighten every muscle in your body, one individual group at a time. Then relax them. Be aware of how it feels to tighten a muscle and notice the difference when you relax it.

Breathe in peace and harmony and breathe out tension. Feel the breathe from the tips of your toes and the tips of your fingers as you exhale and inhale.

Imagine yourself in a place that you love. Use all your five senses to make it as real as possible so that you experience it as if you were reliving it.

Pick the exercise that helps you the most and use it.