May 6, 2021
May 6, 2021

Mixed Matched Couple

Occasionally I encounter a couple who is so mismatched there are no remedies for them as in this allegory:

A giraffe and a Turtle fall in love and get married. The wedding begins the first of their difficulties.

The Turtle wants it to be a private ceremony between just the two of them. The Giraffe wants his entire family to attend.

The Giraffe cannot understand why the Turtle would want to exclude all his friends and family. The Turtle canŐt phantom what the Giraffe could possibly be thinking to have all those long legs kicking around almost trampling her.

The Turtle wants a quiet atmosphere. How could there possibly be quiet when the hooves kick up dust so that she can barely breathe?

The Giraffe feels forced to give up his entire life with his family. He feels that she is antisocial and uncaring about him.

The Giraffe suggests they go for a walk. Even that the Turtle has fits about.

'How can I go for a walk? You are so far ahead of me with one step let alone that it would take me a week to get to your first step when you would already be on the plains with your girlfriend who you like better than me.''

The Giraffe is deeply hurt. "Why are you accusing me of being with someone else when I am just walking with my friends who I grew up with?"

The Turtle feels ignored, when he steps away - even just one step. But the Giraffe's immobility will eventually kill him. The Turtle says: 'You minimize me and your family ignores me.'

The Giraffe really loves the Turtle, but does not how to please her. 'What can I do?'

The Turtle feels betrayed because marriage is supposed to be between two, not a hoard.

There seems to be no resolution to their problem. If the Giraffe never moves to please his partner, he will have eaten all the grass and leaves around him and then he will starve.

The Turtle can only move so fast and it is not fast enough to allow the Giraffe to obtain enough food to eat.

The Turtle is disgruntled and so is the Giraffe.

They engage a counselor. The counselor has no answer for them because a Giraffe is a Giraffe and a Turtle is a Turtle and no amount of counseling will ever change that.

The End.