June 18, 2010
June 18, 2010

About Wayne Dyer's "Excuses Begone"

I recommend the book “Excuses Begone” by Wayne W. Dyer. He often gives presentations on the Cable network channel 21 watch it If you are able to catch the presentation. If not, get the book. He suggests many ways ot overcoming excuses we give ourselves which prevent us from accomplishing our aims.

Too often, we stop ourselves from accomplishing our goals by feeling that it is too much work and the chance of success is limited. Thank God-not everyone believes that or no one would succeed at anything. Wayne Dyer outlines 18 excuses and how to overcome the obstacles of your own self defeating attitudes in order to accomplish your dreams and goals.

There are always people who try to talk you out of trying a new adventure. Some of them really have your best interests at heart and believe it is better not to risk your time, money, or emotions because you may lose everything. Of course you will not obtain your objective because you have not even tried. Therefore, you have already lost the battle of life.

Others, are negative and suggest that you are obsessive/compulsive and need to balance your life. Those people frequently have nothing going on in their lives and put down anyone that might show them up.

Friends might feel that they are not acting properly if they do not warn you of the pitfalls that you are facing. Everyone has an opinion and opinions from all sides often conflict creating paralysis in those who listen to these multiple opinions.

Can you imagine a lion who decides that s/he is probably not gong to be able to stalk his/her pry so gives up without putting in the effort? Contrary to public opinion, lions do not score more often than they do, but without trying they certainly would die of hunger.

Judge for yourself. Is the course of action going to help or hurt others? How long should you designate your time/money/ emotions to determine whether you should continue with your pursuit? Have you designated a precise plan that is stable enough to withstand the objections of others? Have you prepared yourself for the eventuality of bumps along the way? Have you an alternate arrangement if your plan does not go as you intended?

Do not be afraid of changing your mind based on your own assessment and not that of others. It is not a failure to go in another direction. It is a failure if you never try.