June 16, 2019
June 16, 2019

Consensual Rape


The common example of consensual rape would be in relationships where the women is not interested because of health problems, exhaustion, or just plain disinterest.

The man badgers, demands, complains, frequently- often daily. He gropes her whenever she walks by regardless of what task she is currently fulfilling often for him or for their family. The male is clueless to the idea of cause and effect and Transactional Analysis (TA).

TA is defined as three ego states: (1) the Parent who determines what one should, ought to do, or infer that it should be done, (2) the Adult is the ego state that relies on realistic facts, and (3) the Child which is the emotional state where the thought process is overcome by ones emotions.

TA is important because when the male demands or complains continually of not being serviced as to when he determines it should be performed; it becomes an authoritarian desire rather than a shared love interest.

Whenever the (Parent) ego insists of another person any action: the recipient reacts from the. (Child) ego with resentment, rage, and/or opposition. Therefore, the significant other withdraws from the negative vibes that she is receiving which is the opposite reaction of what the male wishes.

Therefore, there is a cause and effect established that needs to be resolved.

If the women wishes to maintain the relationship, she buries her contentious feelings and infrequently consents to sex which actually may be considered consensual rape.

However, when a woman capitulates to the Should's, Ought to's (even those where she feels sorry for his needs) her (Child) ego germinates high degrees of disgruntlement.

Her dissatisfaction escalates to not desiring or agreeing to any further relationship whatsoever.

And if she forces herself to perform; it is then Consensual Rape.

The male needs to learn how to be in a loving reciprocal relationship where both parties are agreeably satisfied. Check my other relationship articles for how that can be obtained.

The male may not always be the one at fault. The female may be using the relationship for security and financial reasons without having any genuine affection. If this is the case she is a legitimately disguised as a wife; but acting as a prostitute.

Relationships must be based on love, respect, and caring for each other by both parties. If that is not obtained, then it is a mock representation of a real marriage.