June 22, 2011
June 22, 2011


Be thankful for what you had rather than mourn the loss of losing what you formerly prized.

Huge populations never have had anything materially. Many people have never found their soul mate. There is always someone worse off than you. The story that you tell yourself is the one that your brain believes, so why not tell yourself that at least you had a chance to be happy in your lifetime, even if it did not last as long as you wanted it to?

Why not be a Pollyanna? A dreamer? Who does it hurt? Certainly, I am not suggesting you lose all sight of reality. That would not improve your life. Having a disaster of some kind often wakes you up to go in a better direction. Once a new plan is in action that will bring better results, allow yourself to enjoy the happy memories of the past. What benefit is it to feel miserable every day? Use the energy that you put into depression to work towards a better tomorrow.

What do you choose? Happiness or misery? Most people will vote for happiness. Then why not work toward that objective? What do you want to do that you never had the opportunity to do? Work toward making that dream come true. Even if the dream is not realised the fun of anticipation and the action towards an affirmative goal will bring joy into your life.