June 3, 2009
June 3, 2009

Rid Yourself of ANTS

ANTS are Automatic Negative Thoughts as described by Dr. Amen in his book, ‘Healing the Hardware of the Soul.” There are a number of ways to rid yourself of this self-damaging negativity. Most people think that if they focus on what someone has done to them, the unfairness of it, etc., that they can undo their pain. They believe that if they know why the individual or group acted in the manner that they did that they will feel better. Indeed, some persons do benefit from this knowledge, but in the long run, it doesn't matter why you have been hurt or whether it was intentional or not, what matters is that you are in severe pain from the damage done to you. However, whatever the situation, it is usually of a much shorter duration than the time you have spent festering over the attack.

Letting the upset go is very difficult, but important. As long as you continue to nurse the pain by reliving the incident you are damaging your immune system, Which if you continue to focus on the event may finally create adrenal failure that could even result in death.

Part of letting go is to do some self-talk and realize that your musing will never damage the other person as much as you are damaging yourself. Throw away-literally and figuratively- the trauma by a number of different methods. Whichever one works for you is the one you might use.
1). You can meditate and find yourself on the beach pulling the tension from your body as if it were string and winding it into a ball in front of you, then throwing it into the water and letting it sink into the depths of the ocean.
2). You can write the tragedy down and then dig a hoe, burn the writing and then bury it.
3). If you believe in God you can imagine a sunbeam as a healing coming right into your head and load all the disastrous thoughts onto that platform and beam them up to Him to heal them for you.

You may think of many ways to deal with negativity, but the major way is to replace all these daggers in your heart by making them love daggers of happy wonderful times.

Replacing the negative with the positive is the only cure for a broken heart. The happy thought can be any memory from your lifetime that made you feel good or laugh out loud. It does not have to be from that particular obsession.

You may find this very difficult to do, at first, but in time it will become easier and you will find yourself smiling again.