June 3, 2016
June 3, 2016

The Nothing Box

MARK GUNGAR, a comedian, on YouTube discusses the difference between a woman's brain and a man's brain. The audience is in stitches because he is so accurate (In a majority of cases only).

Men, he states, have all kinds of boxes that do not touch each other. There is the box for money, the box for the mother-law, the box for the kids, the box for the car, etc. You get the idea.

Mark says that none of the boxes ever touch each other. In fact, when you talk with men you can only talk about what is in the box in which you are discussing. When a man replaces the discussion box he makes certain it does not combine with any other box. Above all no emotion is involved to contaminate the box.

Then there is the "Nothing box" in which men do not think of anything while preforming activities like fishing. (Mark quotes the studies made in the University of Pennsylvania which show that men are able to have times where they think of nothing.)

Men do not connect any emotion to these boxes so they forget information. While women have a "ball of wires" which connect everything to everything with emotion. Mark states women remember everything because their emotions burn it into memory.

I recommend that people watch the replay YOUTUBE VIDEO. As a counselor, I find that there are men and women who fit his description.

Pondering the Nothing box makes sense because men are able to kill in wars, because not every man returns with POST TRAUMATIC SYNDROME. It seems more likely for the men who can go to their Nothing box while shooting an enemy can better hide the war box and not peep into it during peace times.

Most women cannot disconnect one event from another. However, I believe that women might go to a Nothing box when they are in shock from an event in their life that has devastated them. I notice in these kind of circumstances women might similarly follow their instincts rather than make selective choices determined by our culture.

Are men going to their Nothing boxes when they are dealing with the very foreign feelings that have crept into a different box? I find that women scream at their man to have them explain why they did what they did (have an affair or something like that). I notice a complete blank expression on certain men. It is obvious they have no idea why they did what they did. They do not seem to have thought about the consequences of their actions. They appear to have not thought, but instead returned to basic primitive instincts and behaviors.

As a counselor, I am always trying to figure out why people behave in the way that they do. Is it bipolar? Is it poor upbringing? Is it poor values? Is it lack of loyalty? I wonder if it is one of those choices? Or could it be for certain individuals the "Nothing box?"

Perhaps some university will pick up a study on behavior that does not conform to ones morals or vows. Even the laws recognize that in the shock of being betrayed by a loved one that sometimes individuals immediately and instinctively react by murdering the betrayer. They are punished, but not as severely as those who planned their action in advance.

A Nothing box is today's food for thought. If we can put something into the Nothing box, can we then, repair the event? This article is not meant to solve anything. It is just meant to create questions for one to mull.