July 21, 2016
July 21, 2016


National Geographic and Smithsonian Institution TV channels interview men who have taken fatal risks defying death. The type of risks involving new technology (mostly flying machines).
Men have attempted and sometimes succeeded to fly round, oblong, missiles, stands, and one man flight apparatus. Each man interviewed was asked, "Did you consider that you could die if your machine malfunctioned?"

Each male stated that they did not think about the risk at all, but simply acted. Then the question was put to them, "When you went up in the airborne machine the second time knowing the risk now of death; did you think about the risk before you flew it?" The surprising answer from the male gender was from each and every one of the participants was, "I jumped off the cliff without considering the risk in advance."

I find that an interesting comment in regard to men who have affairs or visit prostitutes and claim to still love their wives. There appears to be a segment of that population who cannot explain why or how the two concepts are compatible given the vows that they took on their marital day.

After almost 40 years of counseling couples, I frequently find a number of men who appear to be unable to understand their own cheating motivation. An example of this that stands out in my mind is a male whose wife made it abundantly clear that should he pursue the female relationship that he was engaged in, that she would divorce him. He tried to hide his activities and when his wife found out she left him. He called me and with an incredulous voice of disbelief he said, "My wife found out I continued to cheat on her and she left me!" This is a perfect example of someone who knew the risks and continued them without considering the consequences of his actions.

The masculine mentality to be unable to comprehend the Cause and Effect of behavior is completely incomprehensible to the female species. The female's limbic system judges emotional consequences first before they act. (Let me state here, that our brains are mostly one gender. However, in some cases they are both genders with one side predominating over the other which accounts for the variations in reactions between the sexes.) However, in the female whose brain is predominantly female she cannot begin to imagine how a man can take such risks over and over again without judging the consequences.

Unfortunately those females drive themselves crazy because the male in their life is a male. This is one of the oxymoron problems in life that is unlikely to change, but needs to be understood. Then the choice is up to the partner to decide what direction she will take.