July 26, 2015
July 26, 2015

Facebook Problems

Does your spouse feel angry or jealous with the time you spend on Facebook?

Perhaps s/he wants the intense focus that you give to facebook spent on him/her.

There are many reasons to go on facebook. Regardless of the reasons you may suggest, it still is time taken away from your loved one. Why not try to go on Facebook when the spouse is otherwise occupied.

Explore your reasons for utilising Facebook;
Do you want to hear the News about your friends or family?
Does it fill a need for socialising?
Perhaps because you do not have the time to visit with your friends or family in person?
Is it a substitute for relationships that you are missing?
Is it for entertainment, inspiration, or condolences?
Is it to meet new people?
Is it to flirt or create a new relationship?
Are you drawn to Facebook? Is it an addiction? Do you need the attention of another to such an extent that you are ignoring your spouse? Or is it that your spouse is ignoring you?

Time spent with any other activity can be the object of discomfort when it is not spent with the loved one. Fear- that an attraction for another person other than the significant other with which you live- is the instigator of many quarrels.

There are some love triangles which begin with conversations on cyber space. However, for any of these to foster an affair one has to question how the primary partnership became so mundane that such a small spark could kindle such fires. Or is it that -if your relationship is excellent- that something is missing in the character of your spouse who is unwilling or incapable of committing fully to you.

The real problem is either a lost connection between the couple or a person is gambling to lose what actually exists to exchange it for a fantasy of what might exist.

The solution is always primarily determining the underlining issues. If the problem is not a relationship problem, but one of building character or maturity or mental illness: then, address those issues. If it is any one of the many factors listed here, explore options with your partner to determine how your needs can be satisfied. Counselor's are always willing to guide the couple towards a successful solution.