August 3, 2009
August 3, 2009

The Brain

When I show my clients Dr. Amen’s 3D Spect imaging of a healthy brain which is a smooth surface and show them the contrasting pitted brains who have been smokers: users of inhalants, cocaine, marijuana, methane, & alcohol; they take a deep breathe and say “It really makes me aware of the damage I am doing to myself.” These pictures identify the blood flow and metabolism rate in various regions of the brain. It becomes quite evident, even to the lay person, that restricted blood flow areas are no longer physically able to function properly or efficiently.

Mental illness has received a bad rap over the years because no one understood why individual’s behaviors became so radical. Now with the affected brain parts can be identified. Scientists are discovering that certain behaviors result when specific sections of the brain are damaged. We all know that our brain affects our ability to talk, think, and walk, but we still get scarred when the brain becomes delusional, paranoid, hyper sexual, restless, dysfunctionally lacking motivation or focus, depressed, withdrawn, and poor judgements about our activities. Moreover, scholarly studies have determined that 10% to 15 % of inmates jailed are mentally ill.

Dr. Amen, a psychiatrist and neurologist, has done 50,000 Brain Spects and has found that the prefrontal cortex, temporal lobes, deep limbic system, anterior cingulate, and basal ganglia affect our behavior and when damaged can cause illegal and/or personal havoc with our lives.

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