August 4, 2006
August 4, 2006

Life Is An Illusion

Life is an illusion. Most of what happens to us is replayed over and over again in our minds. The onetime rape lives on as if you are being daily ravaged: as long as one continues to dwell on why it happened or how to get even, etc. The rudeness of others destroys your harmony if you personalise it to believe that you are not worthy of being respected. Amazingly the best way to really madden the tormentors, is to disallow the arrows of others to penetrate your harmony. It bothers them that they cannot get through your armour of peace and bliss.

Yes it hurts to have your loved ones hurt, but destroying yourself or letting them destroy you does nothing to ameliorate them; or change the initial hurt.

Imagine that life is a series of doors. On the left are attack dogs ready to tear you to pieces, on the right there is a lovely meadow, in the middle is the car you always wanted. What direction (door) one chooses is not always in our control. It is the luck or sorrow of the administrator as to which is taken. Yet when someone does take the wrong door and the vicious dogs begin to tear you apart; a stranger might come to your rescue. Yet, you relive the harrowing experience over and over in your nightmare. Now the dogs rip you nightly. What was once a one time traumatic experience is unforgettable for a lifetime repeated over and over through fear and imagination. What must be implemented is to temporarily replace the traumatic experience with a lovely meadow and the whispering shush of waterfalls, and the kind embraces of family or friends who are there for you. Our mind accepts whatever tape we play. Since many tragedies can not be changed, why not replace the memories with ones which allow the mind and body to heal.

One should never repress distressing memories, but Invite all the happy memories one can envision. If you are unable to locate happy ones, make them up. In creating your own fantasy of a perfect world, one must reflect on reality. Is the danger real or imagined? Is it immediate or in the past unlikely to happen again? Select happiness and harmony and route out fear and pain forever. It is amazing how often we hang on to the horrors of our life without letting another door open when it is patiently open-waiting for us in our imagination to make our wounds healthy. Do not facilitate another danger for yourself by believing that life is without difficult ups and downs. Accept what can be not be corrected and create a plan which will fix what can be changed.

The above applies only to imagined threats to ones physical, mental, or emotional health. Perhaps the most difficult task for the tormented individual is to separate what is actual from what is replayed as a mental icon of the event. If the tormentor is within your area and there is no way to avoid or protect yourself, then the course of action must be practical by searching for services such as the police, FBI, or considering moving; or withdrawing from the attacker if that is at all possible.

However, the danger often lies within our own body because the stress that occurs from constant concerns will decrease the immune system, allow nightmares to control the somatic/cognitive areas, and could eventually result in death. Do not let your prosecutors destroy you. Identify reality, plan a strategy to protect yourself, follow your plan, and deal with the normal cares in your life. Blowing things out of proportion accomplishes nothing.