August 7, 2011
August 7, 2011


1. Relax each muscle group. Then tighten the muscle so that you are aware that you have control over it. Then relax it. start from feet up.

2. Breathe in peace and harmony and let it go to the extremities.
Exhale breaking up all the tension with each breathe from the tips of feet and tips of hands to exit from the mouth.

3. To imagine a beach scene with all your senses.
Touching/ feeling
taste (the water)

Pick up a branch and pull the tension out of the body from the extremities and as if it is a string-wrap it into a ball.
Throw the ball after it releases all your tension . Make it as heavy as lead and let it sink as low as it needs to go until the rest of the tension in your body is completely gone.

Awake yourself. CAUTION: Make certain that you do not do anything strenuous after meditation for at least 20 minutes or the amount of time that you were meditating.