September 1, 2016
September 1, 2016

Candidates Campaigning

An except from my book, "HEAR MY CRY!" (Copyright 1988) entitled, "Candidates" is apropos for the current 2016 candidates campaigning. Below is the excerpt:


I get suspicious when I hear all you're against. It implies that you may not stand for anything.

Fault finding requires no talent, no character, and solves no problems.

It clearly illustrates that we lack forerunners when the pacesetters are last in line-after the crowd. How dangerously out of touch we are when we look back instead of forward. A leader must know the major issues and balance the conflicting perspectives with juggler's deftness.

Where is the tumult of the masses to not demand an intelligent selection? Is this another harbinger of our times of national disaster?

I want to hear what you are for. I want to hear more. I want some knowledge of your plans to meet our concerns. So far I know that you can attack and destroy, but what are you able to construct?


Perhaps this should be sent to all our current and future candidates. Since it was written in 1988 the presidential selection did not result in any disaster. However, as I am a member of the American public I would appreciate that the candidates stick to what and how they are going to function in the oval office, Then let the public make the selection based on facts.