September 12, 2003
September 12, 2003

The Magic Tear


The Siamese Emperor of long ago had a brown long haired daughter who he dotted upon. Thai wore his stately robes and expected the court maids to create golden flowing robes for Magnolia his daughter. One year he presented the tiniest of miniature Bonsai trees to her. The tree was barely three inches high and he declared that the concubines, handmaidens, and hand masters keep the tree alive with their tears of happiness. At first the tree did very well and grew an inch, but then it began to turn yellow. It did not matter whether the tears were of happiness or sadness rained upon it, it did not prosper. The delicate heart shaped leaves turned yellow.

The Emperor was beside himself for Magnolia had grown very fond of it’s tiny bark and seemed to be withering away along with the Bonsai. He dreamed that a magic tear would cure it. Therefore Thai offered the princess’s hand in marriage to any one who could bring back life to both with a magic tear.

Many suitor’s tried. The tears were of happiness in expectation of receiving this beauty as their prize, but turned into grief with disappointment when no changes were made. Some even became angry. They cursed under their breath. (For they did not dare do it openly or they would be executed.) All eventually drifted away to find other endeavors more favorable to them.

Finally Siam said, “I believe I have the answer.” He was granted permission to try. Stealthily Siam developed an apparatus that fit into his eye that he filled with freshly caught rain water. He was a dashing figure, wearing green silk pants with a sash of lavender. His loose fitting rainbow colored shirt allowed his muscles to ripple in a way that held Magnolia’s attention. He simulated real tears from the hidden optical instrument to rain from out of his tear ducks. As Siam cried tears of fresh water happiness, he was certain that the miniature plant would revive. And it did!

When the miniature fauna turned a brilliant verdancy the prince and princess married. The Emperor wore his finest gold crown with rubies and diamonds diagonally placed. He made a duplicate of it to give to his new son-in-law. Peace reigned as the secret of the Magic tears was never discovered.

The moral of the story: What is the most natural works, even if it comes in a disguised package.

Denial of a need for medication or that a discord in the relationship is creating; demands a creative approach towards solving the problem. In professional terms it is called: Restructuring.