September 14, 2007
September 14, 2007


On the July 31st 2007 show of Dr. Phil entitled “STRUNG OUT” the effect of drugs is explored. The show illustrates the macro level of the extent of use of drugs. In my practice, I am finding more street drugs to be a determining factor of break-up in too many marriages. It is a worrisome trend.

It is important that the addicted person recognize that s/he is addicted. Then attend whatever meetings available and if necessary go to a live in clinic. The costs of coming off of crack/alcohol, etc. may seem prohibitive, but the costs to remain on drugs is more expensive.

Paranoid and delusional behavior induced by the chemicals of choice may cause more than discord amongst the family. It can be responsible for violent behavior towards the spouse and even the children. A parent depressed from unnatural chemical use can decide that life is so terrible that s/he is saving the children by eliminating them permanently from this life time: and therefore, viewing the killing of their loved ones as an act of kindness.

Counseling, intervention by family, friends, and employers, professional and voluntary organizations to motivate and give emotional support while the individual is wrestling with the mind control that the drug has had on them by overpowering their logical thinking, are important milestones to maintain a sober lifestyle.

It is not overreacting when a person is suicidal or violent to call the police. In fact, that is often the first line of defence to make the individual become aware that s/he is terribly out of line. Obtaining an order of protection is another step for self and family protection. You would not stand by and watch a wild dog bite people and do nothing. Do not stand by and do nothing when a person is “under the influence” and no longer in control of him/herself. It is not the loved one that may hurt you, but the drug. However, until that drug is removed from that person’s system s/he is dangerous. Even if the addict is not violent, the spouses and children who become isolated and abandoned creates emotional long term damage.

The addict has become the victim him/herself of the ingested drug and needs to be aided to experience the joys in life.

The addict’s victims often do not want to create further discord and therefore do nothing. Please remember, the lives and emotional health you save may be your family, as well as reviving the addict to a full life.